The Aravalli Sportive - 2018

The Aravalli Sportive -

Sunday, 28th October 2018,

About 2018 Edition

The Aravalli Sportive 2018 will be held on the 28th of October, the event will comprise of two parts, the first being a competitive 94km race with the top 3 Men and Women qualifying for the Grand Finale in Goa. The second being a leisure non-competitve 50km ride.

  • Event Location: Gurgaon
  • Event Date: 28th October 2018
  • Event Type: Road Endurance
  • Starting Venue Details: Track and Trail - Millennium Apartments Subhash chow Plot No. 4, near subash chowk, Sec, 47, Netaji Subhash Marg, Nambardar Market, Islampur Village, Sector 47,
    Gurugram, Haryana 122005
    Click For Location
  • Reporting Time: 05:30Am
  • Start Time: 06:00Am

What Participans Get

  • Safety Vest
  • Medal (Only for the Competitive Race Participants)
  • Tote Bag
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Refreshments
  • Medical Support
  • Mechanical Support

Event Details

94 Km Sportive
Rs. 950 + Taxes Register
50 Km Sportive
Leisure Ride
Rs. 850 + Taxes Register

*Participants must be over the age of 18. All participants must wear a helmet while riding, if they are found riding without a helmet they will be disqualified.
The cut-off time for the Race is 4 hours.

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Leaderboard - Women

Winners from the 2017 edition

Position: 1st Sudhulika Sangi Sudhulika Sangi
Womens -102Kms
Time: 03:19:55 Avg. Speed: 30.8Kms/Hr
Position: 2nd Swati Dhingra Swati Dhingra
Womens -102Kms
Time: 03:21:07 Avg. Speed: 30.4Kms/Hr
Position: 3rd Harini Sivakumar Harini Sivakumar
Womens -102Kms
Time: 03:26:14 Avg. Speed: 29.7Kms/Hr

Leaderboard - Men

Winners from the 2017 edition

Position: 1st Paul Bamman Paul Bamman
Mens -102Kms
Time: 02:28:00 Avg. Speed: 41.4Kms/Hr
Position: 2nd Gaurav Duggal Gaurav Duggal
Mens -102Kms
Time: 02:29:40 Avg. Speed: 41.1Kms/Hr
Position: 3rd Saket Malhotra Saket Malhotra
Mens -102Kms
Time: 02:29:42 Avg. Speed: 41.1Kms/Hr
Blast From The Past - The Aravalli Sportive - 2017

Watch The Video
- 2017 Edition
Here to bring you a slice from the previous champion's sportive held in Gurgaon. A snippet to give you an insight on what you could expect this year.

About The Champions Sportive

The Champions Sportive is India’s top multi-city competitive cycling event for amateur cyclists. The Top 3 Men and Women from each city will qualify for the Grand Finale to be held in Goa on the 10th of February 2019.

The Event

The event comprises of a 100km Race and a 50km Leisure Ride. The 100km race will be the competitive leg of the Sportive from which, 3 winners in the men's category and 3 winners in the women's category would be picked for the grand finale. The 50km segment will be a non-competitive ride.

For The Riders

The participants will receive a safety vest, tote bag, gift vouchers, refreshments, medical and mechanical support. Medals would be given for participants of the 100Km Race.

The 2018 Edition

The second edition of the Champions Sportive 2018 will be held in Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Kochi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Goa.

The Champions Sportive - 2018

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